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Elbe River Cruises

Elbe River Cruises

Elbe River Cruises

Elbe River Cruises


Rivercruises on Elbe River

Elbe River Cruises - A Great Getaway Idea


One of the predominate rivers in Central Europe, the River Elbe is a wonderfully scenic river traveling 680 miles (1,094 kilometers) from the Krkonoše Mountains in the Czech Republic through Germany before flowing into the North Sea at Cuxhaven. Traveling through mountain ranges with towering cliffs, quaint medieval riverside towns, hilltop castles, and rococo palaces, this river has been a favored route for travelers and vacationers ever since man invented boats. A major stretch of the river flows near both Prague and Berlin while this captivating river passes through a number of very cosmopolitan cities as well.


Elbe River Cruises - Berlin to Prague

With a number of different cruise companies offering services on the river, one of the most popular outings is a 10 day cruise from Berlin to Prague (or vice-versa). With a new view around every river bend, one can relax on deck and watch the world pass by while relaxing with a drink and a bite to eat. Being pampered by the ever present staff that is there to make sure that you enjoy your cruise is one of the more pleasant features of taking one of these Elbe River cruises. Typically Elbe River cruises last 10 days, and using an origination point of Berlin and a concluding point of Prague, some of the probable discovery points on the itinerary from Berlin to Prague will be:


Elbe River Cruises - Day 1 Berlin

The cruise company will often pick one up at the airport, get you checked in, and then provide time for you to get out and enjoy some time in Berlin before starting on the cruise itself.

Elbe River Cruises - Day 2 Potsdam & Magdeburg

Taking time to wake up and get some breakfast, a visit to Potsdam is generally in order where one can tour SanssouciPalace or the nearby baroque NewPalace with its 200 rooms - both of these built in the 18th century by the Prussian King Frederick the Great. Afterwards travel to Magdeburg to embark on your ElbeRiver journey with dinner served aboard ship.

Elbe River Cruises - Day 3 Dessau

Generally arriving in Dessau in the morning, a journey to Wörlitz Park is generally in order complete with a tour of the castle. Many venture on to visit Bauhaus College - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a return to the ship for dinner & the next departure.

Elbe River Cruises - Day 4 Wittenberg & Torgau

Arriving in Wittenberg (the birthplace of the Reformation) one can follow in Martin Luther's footsteps while visiting Luther's House, St. Marien's Church - the home of many of Luther's oratories, and Castle Church where he posted his 95 Theses. Enjoy a beautiful stretch of the river after lunch.

Arriving in Torgau with its collection of outstanding Renaissance homes after dinner, an evening stroll is in order to see Hartenfels Castle and the ever popular Market Square where the American troops met the Russian troops at the end of World War II.

Elbe River Cruises - Day 5 Meissen

Cruise the river in the morning to finally arrive at Meissen after lunch. A famous porcelain factory producing fine porcelain since the early 1700's, the Meissenware factory, is often toured or walks are taken through the OldTown area.

Elbe River Cruises - Day 6 Dresden


Visit Zwinger Palace, Semper Opera House, or the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) in this city often referred to as the "Florence on the Elbe."

Elbe River Cruises - Day 7 Saxon Switzerland

The Saxon Switzerland region beckons while you continue your cruise before docking at the spa town of Bad Schandau and viewing the rock tower know as Bastei (bastion) formed by water erosion a million years ago.


Elbe River Cruises - Day 8 Litomerice

Arriving at one of the most gorgeous towns in the Czech Republic one can take in the Market Square, the Jesuit Church, and St. Stephen's Cathedral while in Litomerice before tasting some Bohemian region beer in the evening.

Elbe River Cruises - Day 9 Melnik & Prague

In the morning, upon arriving in Melnik one will then disembark and be transferred to Prague the "City of a Hundred Spires." You will most likely take a stroll through OldTown and then perhaps take in HradcanyCastle's exceptional interior and exterior designs before spending the night in a hotel in Prague.

Elbe River Cruise - Day 10 Prague

After breakfast, one will regret that Elbe River Cruises are not a few days longer and proceed to the airport for a return trip home (unless you decide to spend a few more days in Prague that is).

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